The goal for this practice task was to have the students focus exclusively on the writing portion of the Create Task.

We’re going to do another Create Task practice, but this time we are going to be focusing solely on the writing portion. To make sure you are practicing the writing stuff with code that actually fits the requirements, I’m going to have you practice using a little program that I wrote. It’s a very silly program, but it should help you practice the writing stuff.

The Program: Clothing Prices App

The program I wrote is a command line “price inventory” app for a clothing store. It is a pretty weak app because it doesn’t actually track anything like the quantity of each item, how many are in stock, etc.: it just tracks the prices for each item. Play around with it a little bit and see how it works! I’ve also recorded a video demo that you can watch [see above].

Your Task

You will take my silly clothing prices app, and use it as your Practice Create Task to complete the writing portion. You can view the code here:

You will be submitting the Written Answers to me as a Google Doc that you have shared with me. [Further submission info here]


  • Please review the scoring guidelines as you work. Pay particular attention to the bits that say “Do not award a point if:”!
  • Refer back to Sample Tasks and Responses to get a feel for what the graders are looking for. Take a look at Sample A in particular: that user got FULL POINTS, so you can see what a written response that got 100% looks like!!


  • “For Prompt 3c, how much ‘context’ (i.e. surrounding code) should we provide around the function call?”
    • A: Your response should “describe what the identified procedure does and how it contributes to the overall functionality of the program.”
    • So, you should provide enough code to demonstrate how that procedure/function contributes to the overall functionality of your program. Where/how is it being used? Does the surrounding code give me enough context to understand that? It’s okay if you include a fairly substantial amount of code around it, as long as it makes sense and isn’t, like, the whole program!