You’re going to make (well, finish making) a really simple To-Do List in p5.js! You can see what this should look like above.

  • You add tasks via the text input box and “Add Task” button.
  • When you click on a task, a little confirmation window comes up to ask if you have in fact completed the task. (Not sure how to write/use a confirmation window? It’s kinda like an alert–look HERE for information on how it works and how to use it!)
    • If you say “OK”, it will remove the task from the list.
    • If you click “cancel”, the task will NOT be removed from the list.

I’ve made you a starter file here, and indicated where YOU need to add code!

Helpful Links & Tips


You will be submitting text for this assignment, and I need multiple answers from you! Please include the numbers in your responses.

  1. Please copy and paste the link to your completed p5.js project.
  2. Would your completed code meet the requirements for the Create Task (it’s fine if it does not, you won’t get marked down)?
    • 2a. If not, which requirement(s) would it NOT meet?
    • 2b. What could you add or change so that it WOULD meet the requirement (note that you do NOT have to actually implement this, just tell me what you would do)?
  3. Describe one feature that you could add to this To-Do List to make it a bit fancier / more fully functional.

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